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Xemeneia, by Emili Armengol (Public Art Project 2012)

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Hello, we are Josep Lopez, Pol Galea and Bernat Martínez. We are from Terrassa near Barcelona. We are 15 years old and we are studying 3th ESO in IES Torre del Palau. The three loves and play basketball on the same team. All of our class are doing this project (Public Art Project). We are studying the monument called Chimney of Emili Armengol, it is so named because it resembles a chimney. We hope you like our echo. 

"This large concrete statue by Emili Armengol is a sculpture based on the shape of a chimney. The materials of sculpture are Corten steel, stainless steel and brass. Presents the key feature of monochromatic steel and oxidized bronze estrcuturathe small people. This sculpture was made to commemorate 125 years of the creation of the Caixa de Terrassa.It is one of the sculptors Catalan Modernism with more control of the means of expression and more creative force. Emili Armengol i Abril belongs to the third generation of sculptors Catalans, the sculptors are born just after the postwar period.This abstract sculpture represents people working in the “Socials Work’s Safety. For a people when they see it, many people see as a symbol of the people of Terrassa."

The location of this monument is Passeig de les Lletres, 7, Terrassa.

Group members are:

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