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  • Course 2012/2013:
- The Airport Project:

- A Interview of Airport Project:
A interview with a Germany Man. Very friendly!

- The Hunger Games Project:

- My TravelPod. Cities of Great Britain:
Click and go to my TravelPod. (Polo-42)

- At the police Station; Josep López & Pol Galea:

My blog of CITIES I'VE VISITED: English Port>Folio.

Write 5 mini conversations at the tourist office in Terrassa:
- Tourist: What do you recommend visiting in Terrassa?
- The tourist office assistant: You can visit the science museum, the old town of Terrassa, the farmhouse Freixa, and many more

- Tourist: Are There any famous library in Terrassa?
- The tourist office assistant:Yes, it called "El cau ple de Lletres"

- Tourist: Are There Any good market in Terrassa
- The tourist office assistant: Yes, on Saturday put them in the center or the outskirts of Terrassa.

- Tourist: As going to the museum of science of terrassa?
- The tourist office assistant: Go On this street and turn left on the parking. Then you've Reached your destination.

-  Tourist: Is there a pass to see the museums?
- The tourist office assistant: Yes, one can buy and save.

At the supermarket (Pol & Josep):

My favourite song: Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode)

I like this song, because this particular group I've always heard and express many goals and thoughts, which I like in particular.
The song is very particular, talk about Jesus, but not a direct, otherwise. Talk about the Christian religion, although I do not believe in it, also I like the song.
  The song is mechanical and play many instruments including: guitar, (which is the most widely used) or the battery (which marks the measure).
There is no specific reason for which I like, I just like.

Dialogue 1: Pol Galea & Josep López:

Write six sentences about healthy habits. Use should / shouldn't

You shouldn't eat fast food and junk food.
You should be exercice every day.
You shouldn't eat a lot of salt.
You should eat lot of fruit every day.
You shouldn't smoke.
You should practique sport every day. 

INTERNET RESEARCH: Information of Canada:

 The canadian flag has a maple leaf and this tree is also use for doing malple syrup which is very popular and is a symbol of the country because it's only in Canada.

 Ottawa is the capital of Canada, is very cold and beautiful. Temperature can be 40 degrees below zero. The place is little than other cities, but is the capital. The population is the 860.000 about. The total of population is 1.149.000 about, counting the suburbs.

This animal is the moose, is a important symbol of Canada, is in the forest. Also is symbol of country. Is very big and can mesure 3 metres.

Ireland and Saint Patrick's day: 

Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize:

carlos rui
Barack Hussein Obama was a senator. Now he is president of the United States of America
Motto: Yes we can
He was born in Honolulu, EEUU in 1961. When he was a child lived in a poor neighborhood. When he was older graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School.
In 2009, Obama, became president of theUnited States of America. The next year he received the Nobel Peace Prize, by a vision of a world without nuclear weapons.

Spanish and Catalan writers:

Carlos Ruiz Zafón:

Carlos Ruiz Zafón was born in Barcelona on 25th of September, 1964 and now lived in Los Angeles. He is a writer and a critical of books. He is famous for their novels and books. Written because is interesant and remember things past.

Josep Borrell i Figuera:



Josep Borrel i Figuera was born in Lleida on 1954. He is a writer and a poet. He write because he likes the words. He's not famous but there are people that if.

Carlos Ruiz Zafón:

Sun Bear:

Sun Bear is small in the family of bears. The Sun Bear is  a mammal. Is from Asia, Birmania, Indochina, Malaca, Sumatra and Borneo. It lives in low mountains and plains. It hair is curt and black. Adults can be one metre and tuenti metre long.
It eats insects, small birds and mammals, fruit and honey.
It's in danger because poeple hunt it for its fur.

View more presentations from polosio.

Six sentences of comparative adjectives:

1. Spiders are slower than dogs
2. Dogs are faster than spiders
3. Dogs are heavier than spiders
4. Spiders are slower than dogs
5. Tarantula, spider, are more dangerous than dog
6. Dogs are better than spiders

 My Fathers job:

Hello my name is Pol and now describe the job of my father:

My father job's is property registrar. He speak with notaries and land registrars. He work with documents notarials and commercials. Their work is check mortgages and documents judicials, also distributed the work to the employee. And usually working with treatments the texts.
The job of my father is interesting and very dificult. The study is very dificult, to reach to that office. For that reason my father has had to study very much.

City of Glasgow:

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